Don’t let winter weather cause damage or frizz.

By: Hannah Baxter

Styling: Meagan Wilson

Photography: Jake Rosenberg

The theme of all our recent beauty searches has been *hydration* with about a thousand exclamation points. Everything from our under-eyes to our lips to our hands is on the verge of Sahara–desert dryness at any given moment, but sometimes we forget about how vulnerable our hair is during the winter. With winds whipping your freshly styled ’do from morning to night, plus constant friction with your favorite cashmere beanie—or, let’s be honest, an I-give-up topknot—your hair is probably more brittle and dehydrated than you even realize.

But don’t freak out—this kind of damage is nothing a self-care spa session can’t fix, specifically with a deeply moisturizing hair mask. Let any of our eight favorites sit for 10 to 20 minutes (up to a half-hour for the truly committed beauty addicts), and watch your freshly supple and hydrated hair bounce right back. Our pro tip? Pile your hair under a shower cap while you wait, and let the steam activate the mask even deeper. Silky hair right this way.

More info: Coveteur

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